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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series unveiled

Four tier competitive setup detailed at Gamescom.

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At Gamescom this year EA introduced a new competitive take on FIFA Ultimate Team called FUT Champions. It starts with daily knockout tournaments that lead up to the Weekend League, at which point players can rank up and earn rewards. Those who prosper over the weekends move up the Monthly Leaderboard and compete for in-game rewards and the chance to participate in the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series, a new gaming platform that boasts a $1.3 million USD prize pool.

"The popularity of Ultimate Team, combined with the global nature of the most popular sports franchise on the planet, makes FIFA 17 a very exciting title for a season of competitive gaming like the one we are announcing today," Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore said. "From qualifying via FUT Champions to competing in the Ultimate Team Championship Series and FIFA Interactive World Cup, we want all players to experience the thrill of competition, and we have a great season ahead for all our fans."


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