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FIFA 16 producer: "there's absolutely no scripting in FIFA"

Gameplay boss says emphatic "no" to scripting.

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Ever felt like there were invisible threads, rules or even 'magic' making the AI score a goal against you (or preventing you from scoring) in a FIFA game?

During a recent event held at Santiago Bernabéu, we asked Aaron McHardy, 10-year veteran of the series and FIFA 16 gameplay producer, about the 'AI scripting' reported by many frustrated players. Here's his answer in full:

"First of all, that just doesn't exist (laughs). That's the truth. I've been on record, maybe years, saying it doesn't exist. But that's not to say that we don't understand that there's something that people are feeling that they don't like. And to be honest it was, again I go back to pre-production, it was at the forefront in things we talk about, it's like what is it that's causing people frustration in the game that makes them feel like we're doing something underhanded, which we're not.

"And I've studied many, many YouTube videos of people putting out evidence of scripting. Or evidence of handicap. And the things they're pointing out, I can point out ok, well that's a blown call by the referee, that's a missed trap, that's a problem here, and I can see that when all those things happen in succession, it feels frustrating.

"So I think what it comes down to, is that the game needed to be more polished. And that's again where we get to innovation across the entire pitch. We need to make sure that there's less bugs in the game, that there's less problems, so that less of those problems where you feel like the world has conspired against you happen, and then you can actually realise the beauty of the game that we're building and all the creativity. But I can unequivocally tell you that there's absolutely no scripting or anything of the sort in FIFA, and it hasn't been for as long as I've been here".

For more screens and info on FIFA 16 new features across the entire pitch, head to our just-published preview. We'll have more from the producer in the near future.

Gameplay producer Aaron McHardy.

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