FIFA 14 - What to Expect

As the latest instalment of the ever popular football simulator nears release an abundance of information has been revealed.

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As announced during EA's Gamescom press conference, people pre-ordering the Xbox One will recieve FIFA 14 bundled with the console. The move represents Microsoft's attempts to appeal to the European market and offer value for money for the console that retails at £80 more than the PS4.

Another perk for Xbox One owners is that FIFA Ultimate Team Legends will be exclusive content for the console. Players can combine past footballing legends with today's superstars. A number of legendary players, such as Gary Lineker, Ruud Gullit and Pelé, will be available, allowing players to create some impressive line-ups. FIFA 14 executive producer David Rutter commented: "Our fans will be able to bring stars from different eras together to create teams and combinations they have previously only dreamed about".


For both new consoles EA has announced that players are able to make a one-time transfer of their existing FIFA Points between current and next-gen consoles. While this is welcome news for the most part, fans will only be able to transfer points from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, or PS3 to PS4 - so not too helpful for people changing console allegiances.

EA has also slightly buffed the licences they have acquired. Now including licenses for the Chilean Primera Division, Argentinean Primera División, and 19 clubs from Brazil, the roster has swelled to 33 officially licensed leagues, over 600 clubs and more than 16,000 players.


Gamers who like to share their footballing experiences with friends can enjoy Co-op Seasons. In this mode anyone can play with a friend against others in 2v2 ranked online matches. With the promise of competitive 2v2 leagues, those players who prefer their buddy making off-the-ball runs to AI teammates can show-off the effectiveness of their teamwork mentality.

Another mode that'll appeal to fans is the announcement that FIFA on mobile will be free-to-play. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well as Android devices, diehard football enthusiasts need never be too far away from their football fix.


Players will be able to work on their match-sharpness from 10th September when the demo is released worldwide. This will be the first chance to experience new features such as Precision Movement, Real Ball Physics, and improved Teammate Intelligence.

FIFA 14 is due out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on September 26, with next-gen versions of the game being launched with the release of Xbox One and PS4.

To whet your appetite check out the trailer and listen as Patrick Stewart injects even more passion into the beautiful game.


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