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Fibble gets updated

Crytek tweak Flick ‘n' Roll.

Crytek has announced the first update for iOS title, Fibble - Flick ‘n' Roll.

The update includes a new area to explore and eight new levels. Fibble and his crew are also reunited with Klonk, a quirky looking character (see below) who offers alternative ways to play.

The update also includes Facebook/Twitter connectivity, iCloud saving and new Fibble skins to unlock.


Crytek Budapest's Kristoffer Waardahl said: "Upon the feedback we've had from our growing Fibble community, we decided to extend the adventure. We have seen that most gamers really enjoyed playing it and were wishing for more levels to try their hand at. We were only too happy to oblige, not just by adding a new area to explore, but also prolonging the gameplay of the former rooms."

"Our main goal is to make Fibble a great gaming experience for our fans, and by taking their advice on board we hope to achieve this and plan to release further content updates in the future."

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As well as the new trailer, we've got a selection of fresh screens for the puzzler.


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