Fiat announces several colourful new Panda concepts

They will come in a variety of powertrains and styles.

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Fiat has made it clear that the future isn't all about performance. The car manufacturer has revealed a slate of new Panda concepts that each are stylistically very, very different, while also coming in a multitude of powertrain options to make them accessible to customers all around the world.

In total, five concepts are planned with each to be revealed from July 2024 up until sometime in 2027. They will each be available either entirely electrically, as a hybrid model, or an ICE-powered vehicle, and as for how each differs, you can see that below.

  • City Car - Bigger than the current Panda (regarded as the "Mega Panda"), designed with structural lightness, space optimization, and brightness. Constructed with sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and bamboo fabrics. Uses a self-winding charging cable. Made as the "perfect ally for customers all over the world, especially in crowded urban environments. But, at the same time, it offers roominess and versatility for family weekend trips and holidays."

  • Pick-Up - Fun and practicality at the forefront. It "blends the concept of a pick-up with the functionality of an LCV and the comfort of a SUV in a size that is suitable to urban environments all over the world".

  • Fastback - Built on a modular platform with a sporty flair. "The Fastback is proof that FIAT can improve its sustainable commitment without giving up on performance: the dynamism of the silhouette and its aerodynamic performance offers lower consumption and additional modernity and youthfulness when compared to many SUVs."

  • SUV - Regarded as a "Giga Panda", a spacious SUV that aims to be "a pioneer of accessible, innovative, and sustainable mobility".

  • Camper - The "ultimate do-it-all vehicle". Offers a "Fun-ctionality" design that uses the features of an SUV.

Fiat announces several colourful new Panda concepts
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