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Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV housing shortage prompts Naoki Yoshida to respond

He "deeply apologises" for the issue.

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Those playing Final Fantasy XIV may have noticed that patch 4.1 introduced a residential area, Shirogane, to the game, but there was a bit of an issue, as there weren't enough plots to go around. This led to some pretty angry fans venting their frustration online, and now producer and director Naoki Yoshida has responded to the situation on the Square Enix forums.

"While a great number of you were interested in either purchasing or relocating to a plot in Shirogane, we failed to prepare sufficient plots for players, and for that I deeply apologise," he wrote. "This problem was only made worse by the increased stress on the servers from players rushing to log in after the end of maintenance. As a result, the system implemented to prevent players from abusing the relocation feature failed to function properly, preventing some players from relocating altogether."

A hotfix has been released, and while that's a fix for this problem, Yoshida also recognised an "underlying issue. In light of the feedback we have received, we will be working to bolster our servers in preparation for additional wards in the Lavender Beds, the Goblet, Mist, and Shirogane by patch 4.2."

What's more is that the team will be making an announcement outlining the amount of new wards and how they will be sold after receiving feedback on how they should be added.

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Final Fantasy XIV

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