Fez is coming to Nintendo Switch later today

The indie platforming classic is finally making the jump to the hybrid console.

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Something that was silently announced right the end of today's Indie World Showcase was that Fez is coming to the Switch later today. This platforming classic released way back in 2012 and until today, it surprisingly still hadn't made its way over to the platform.

We reviewed the game when it originally released and we said: Fez is a visual wonder that comes with similarly wonderful gameplay attached. You can check out our review here.

It was also revealed that Nintendo will be holding an Indie World sale on the Switch eShop until April 25, so it will be interested to see whether Fez will be one of the titles included.


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REVIEW. Written by Ingo Delinger

"Fez manages to stand in the oversized footsteps of those Nintendo creations masterminded by Shigeru Miyamoto."

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