Ferrari's next car is a front-mounted V12-powered two-seater beauty

And it's coming in one of two variants.

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Ferrari knows how to make elegant looking supercars in a way that few other manufacturers can rival. Throughout the decades, the prancing horse has been sported on a whole slate of iconic and beautiful cars, including the 250 GT California, the 500 TRC, the Testarossa, and even more modern counterparts like the LaFerrari, Roma, 812 Superfast, and more. Now, another contender is looking to join these ranks.

Known as the 12Cilindri, this car, as its name suggests, is a V12-powered (12 cylinders) monster that comes in one of two variants: a berlinetta and a spider. The car has a front-mounted engine that kicks out 830 cv of power, two seats, an eight-speed DCT gearbox, four-wheel steering, and a variety of fancy electronic systems that aim to improve the ride further, such as ABS Evo and Side Slip Control 8.0.

The 12Cilindri looks set to be yet another Ferrari classic, both inside and out, but as the car was only just revealed yesterday, it's unclear when we'll be seeing it on roads and likewise at what price point. One thing we can be certain of is that it won't be cheap.

Ferrari's next car is a front-mounted V12-powered two-seater beauty
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