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Fernando Alonso on GRID combining sim racing and arcade fun

Watch Gamereactor's exclusive interview with double F1 World Champion and Codemasters consultant.

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Fernando Alonso has been acting as the racing consultant for Codemasters' upcoming Grid, and he really seems like an exception to the rule as the legendary driver is a gamer himself and was even one of the very first in stepping into sim racing esports.

During the game's presentation in Madrid, Gamereactor caught up with the man himself, in an exclusive interview that we're proudly presenting to you right here:


One of the questions deals with the always-tricky balance racing games try to find between hardcore sim and direct, high-octane fun, and Alonso defends Grid's legacy in this regard.

"I think that yeah, as you said it's difficult to combine both [simulation and arcade]", he admits in the video. "But probably Grid has been the only game combining both historically in gaming, so I think this new version will just improve that. The base was very good, what we experienced with Grid over the last decade has been good, so this is just another step forward in that direction".

The interview touches upon other topics such as AI design (and how difficult is to beat Alonso in-game), Formula 1 cars (Grid includes the Renault R26), or even a comparison to Lightning McQueen's terrible track record with simulators.

Grid releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC next week, on October 11.

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