FC Bayern Munich's club president kills esports plans

There's claims the department doesn't fit the club.

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While more and more traditional football clubs are moving into esports, it seems like the biggest German club is moving out of it, as FC Bayern Munich's Club President Uli Hoeneß has killed esports plans with a classic veto, as German paper Bild reports, saying that the department doesn't fit the club.

The appeal set by Hoeneß himself apparently puts down far advanced plans for a professional department, and everything has been stopped completely, as Bild writes. Germany's richest football club will therefore not compete with clubs like VfL Wolfsburg, RB Leipzig, or FC Schalke 04, which have their own professional esports departments, and what's more is that - according to the paper - FC Bayern had planned a five million euro budget and wanted to buy esports stars on a large scale.

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