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FBI issues search warrant for suspect's PS4 data

This includes communications, games played, and more that could be related to a potential cocaine network.

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Last month we reported that an Amazon Alexa device may prove to be a key witness in a possible murder case, and now Vice reports that the FBI has issued a search warrant back in October asking Sony for information from a PS4, potentially linked to a cocaine network.

The warrant application was filed on October 22, as you can see here, and asks for various details, outlining the suspicious messages from the individual in question - Curtis Alexander.

"The Provider is hereby ordered to disclose the above information to the Government within 14 days of service of this warrant," the Western District of Missouri filing reads.

"The CHS [Confidential Human Source] stated ALEXANDER was currently charging $34,000 per kilogram of cocaine. The CHS stated ALEXANDER utilizes the PlayStation username 'Speedola20'," it continues, talking about how Alexander allegedly spoke to people in-game about deals.

"The phase 'during game' is a reference to audio communication held during the CHS and ALEXANDER's participation in an online multi-player game," the application continues. "Investigators believe that ALEXANDER likely believes that audio communication during the course of his participation in an online game is secure. As such, ALEXANDER likely believes that he can use audio communication during game play on the PlayStation to arrange the details of a drug transaction."

The FBI therefore wants all the details they have, including communications, games, and all information needed to identify the account as well.

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FBI issues search warrant for suspect's PS4 data

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