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FaZe's Funkbomb and Nate Hill face punishment in Fall Skirmish

The former has been removed from his club too.

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The first week of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish series has wrapped up, but that's not the end of it, as we've just found out that FaZe Clan's Funkbomb and Nate Hill are facing punishment for an incident that happened whereby the former called out the position of an enemy for his teammate after he had died.

"As the teammate and beneficiary, I'll be suspended immediately from participating in all the Skirmish trials and Skirmishes until conclusion of suspension, October 11," Nate Hill said on his stream (as reported by Dexerto), adding that he's still a member of the Dusty Dogs club.

"We both realize the impact this could have had on the integrity of the competition and were fortunate to not have it do so," he added in a comment on Reddit. "Funk made a mistake and he owns up to it, but those calling for him to be perma-banned and calling him a scumbag couldn't be more misinformed. It was a mistake made by an otherwise great guy/player. He felt bad before anyone caught him cheating and self Reported to Epic. That is not the trait of a scumbag, that is someone being honest forthcoming and owning up to their mistakes."

"I want to apologize about my actions in the skirmish today," Funkbomb added on Twitter. "During one of the matches, I was dead and spectating the fortnite stream. I called out Dmo's health and position to my partner not fully realizing there was zero delay on the main stream. I quickly noticed my mistake and went silent in the comms. After the game I informed the EPIC admins about the possibility of ghosting the main stream. I realize how this callout I made could have impacted the integrity of the tournament and I want to apologize to everybody participating."

"I especially apologize to @zzdmo, EPIC games, and my fans. I take full responsibilty for any repercussions that come my way. This is truly was a mistake, this is not who I am."

Nate Hill explained on his stream that while he is suspended, Funkbomb has been removed from the Dusty Dog club, is ineligible for prizing, and can no longer compete in the Fall Skirmish, although he can play in the TwitchCon tournament.

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Photo: Epic Games

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