Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

FaZe Clan take the ECS Season 4 title

They faced Mousesports in a close final.

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The Esports Championship Series Season 4 finals took place in Cancún, Mexico yesterday, which isn't the most traditional of places to host an esports competition, and after losing the first map in the grand final, European side FaZe Clan bounced back to lift the trophy and earn themselves $250,000 USD.

Group A saw Fnatic, Mousesports, OpTic Gaming, and Luminosity Gaming face off, with the top two teams advancing to playoffs. Fnatic and OpTic registered big wins against OpTic and Mousesports respectively, and Fnatic's win against Luminosity was enough to put them at the top spot in the group. Mousesports, however, had to fight for two wins against OpTic and Luminosity to clinch second place with a 2-1 record.

Group B, on the other hand, saw Astralis, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, and Team Liquid battle it out for another two spots, and Astralis seemed to bounced back from their ESL Pro League Season 6 finals, as they registered two relatively close wins against Cloud9 and FaZe to earn the top spot. After Cloud9 won against Liquid, then, this meant FaZe had to beat them to get a 2-1 record and clinch the second spot, which is exactly what they did.

The semi finals then saw Mousesports take on Astralis while Fnatic faced FaZe, and the first of these matches started off well for Mousesports, who took the first map 16-12 on Train. Astralis however responded with their own convincing performing on Nuke, winning 16-7, but the momentum swung once again and on Nuke Mousesports made sure their grand final place was secure with a 16-9 victory.

FaZe, however, had a slightly easier time getting to the final, as their first match against Fnatic on Overpass saw them put in an impressive performance to win 16-7. Although Fnatic made great plays, with Krimz consistently clutching rounds, it wasn't enough to get the second map back either, as a relatively close battle on Train also went FaZe's way 16-11.

It looked as if FaZe weren't going to carry this winning momentum into the grand final at the start though, as a tense and close-fought competition on Nuke swung Mousesport's way first of all, 16-14, but this map was actually the least close of all three. The second map, for instance, was actually pushed to 22-18 for FaZe in overtime as there was little to separate the European sides, and this meant it was all to play for in the last map in Mirage. Again FaZe and Mousesports struggled to find a solid lead, but FaZe eventually edged it 19-17 to lift the title.

Was this a great competition to round off the year?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: ECS

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