FaZe Clan sign the "Nuke Squad"

The group is known for spending all day trying to obtain nukes in Call of Duty.

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FaZe Clan has signed three more members to the organisation, in the trio known as the "Nuke Squad." FaZe JSmooth, FaZe Santana, and FaZe Booya will join FaZe Swagg as part of the esports team, bringing their collective 7 million followers along with them.

The group became known as the Nuke Squad after a fan suggested the name during a stream, after noticing that the group spent all day attempting to get nukes in Call of Duty (a killstreak that ends the game and occurs after scoring 30 kills without dying).

No information has been revealed in regard to contract details for the Nuke Squad signing, but FaZe Clan did release a short video to mark the addition, which you can watch here.

FaZe Clan sign the "Nuke Squad"
FaZe Clan

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