FaZe Clan has removed Cented following use of discriminatory language

The Fortnite player is no longer part of the esports organisation.

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FaZe Clan has become one of, perhaps the biggest esports organisations in the world, and with its size in mind, it employs many different content creators and professionals in many different avenues of gaming. But this wide spread has also seen the organisation having to make some tough decisions, as its members continue to say and do things that aren't reflections of the team, and the most recent situation is simply the latest development in this regard.

As FaZe Clan has announced that it has immediately and permanently removed Evan "Cented" Barron from its Fortnite team, after the individual was caught using discriminatory language in a voice chat lobby. The organisation stated:

"FaZe is constantly evolving and we expect our members to do the same.

Cented is permanently removed from FaZe due to his use of hate speech. We, and the gaming community at large can't tolerate discriminatory language any longer."

Cented has since taken to Twitter to give a brief statement as well.

"I'm sorry guys. No longer with FaZe, mutually parted ways with them, I made a mistake and theres no excuses, will only try and do better."

There is no word as to whether FaZe Clan is in the market for another Fortnite professional now that Cented has been removed.

FaZe Clan

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