Faster loading and higher FPS confirmed with Xbox Series X

Early impressions are in after the first round of coverage.

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The biggest American games media outlets got preview samples of Xbox Series X just before the weekend, and today they shared their impressions. Thanks to this, we now know that Engadget describes the console as "quiet as hell", while IGN notes that "this thing is quiet".

Gamespot has also got a console and took the opportunity to measure the SSD and how it can eliminate loading times in games that weren't even optimized for it. Here are their results:

Xbox Series X / Xbox One X
• Control - 10 seconds / 58 seconds
• Final Fantasy XV - 13 seconds / 1 minute, 11 seconds
• Red Dead Redemption 2 - 38 seconds / 2 minutes, 8 seconds
• The Outer Worlds - 11 seconds / 43 seconds

Another media partner that has an Xbox Series X is VentureBeat. They have decided to focus on measuring the frame rate in backwards compatible games compared with the new console. These are the results:

Xbox Series X / Xbox One X
• Final Fantasy XV - 59FPS / 42FPS
• Grand Theft Auto IV - 60FPS / 48FPS
• No Man's Sky - 30FPS / 30FPS
• Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 60FPS / 37FPS

The reason why No Man's Sky has the same result is that the frame rate is locked. Basically, it seems like games with an unlocked frame rate will be the real winners.

VentureBeat also tried moving Assassin's Creed Origins from a regular 3.0 hard drive to the internal SSD on Xbox Series X, a cheap way to get more storage. This took them seven minutes and 46 seconds, which for most people should be way faster than re-downloading it. Having an external hard drive does therefore seem like a cost-effective and fairly fast way of storing games you no longer have space for on the internal 1 terabyte SSD drive.

The Xbox Series X/S will land on November 10.

Faster loading and higher FPS confirmed with Xbox Series X

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