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Resident Evil Village

Fast loading times in Resident Evil Village for PS5

It's significantly faster than Xbox Series.

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Earlier this week, we told you that Digital Foundry had compared the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X versions of Resident Evil Village. While they were all really good, the comparison ended with a smaller advantage for Xbox Series X when it came to performance.

With the game finally released and no embargoes left, they have now made a comparison of the final version as well. It basically ended up the same way as the demo with similar graphics and slightly better performance for Xbox Series X. But! They added another thing as well, and that is loading times for save files.

It turns out the faster PlayStation 5 SSD is being out to good use with roughly 1.5 seconds needed to boot up a save file in some instances, while Xbox Series S and X needed 8 seconds.

Resident Evil Village

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