It Takes Two

Fares epic "Fuck the Oscars" rant hidden in It Takes Two

The Easter egg can be uncovered by fans with a bit of digging.

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Despite being an indie developer, Josef Fares has become really famous in our industry thanks to the way he always talks from the heart without filters. This has led to many spectacular moments, but none is as epic as the "Fuck the Oscars"-rant from The Game Awards back in 2017, when he asked the host Geoff Keighly if swearing was OK and let off a rant that probably wasn't entirely what Keighly had in mind.

Well, it turns out that this rant has now been immortalised in It Takes Two as well, as noticed by exploring gamers. It is fortunately hidden as an Easter Egg, but you can check it out over here. We also published our review of It Takes Two last week, and really enjoyed the game. Check out our thoughts over here.

It Takes Two

Thanks, Kotaku

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