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It Takes Two

Fares doesn't hate the Oscars, but he does hate NFT's

"For me, gaming is art."

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Of all the memorable moments we've had on The Video Game Awards and The Game Awards for almost two decades, none has been remotely as viral as the Swedish producer Josef Fares "Fuck the Oscars" rant during The Game Awards 2017. But in a recent interview with The Washington Post, Fares reveals he doesn't hate the Oscars at all:

"When I came to Game Awards 2017, everybody was talking like, 'This is the Oscars of games'. So onstage, me being me, instantly in my head I was like, 'F--- the Oscars, we're having a great time [here instead].' That was where it came from. It wasn't a statement that I think the Oscars are bad."

There are things Fares do hate though. Like the highly criticized NFT's. And that means we shouldn't worry about it ending up in his games as he'd rather get "shot in the knee" that include any of it:

"Let me tell you this: Whatever decision you take in a game, where you have to adjust the design to make the player pay or do something that makes you want him to pay money, that is wrong, if you ask me. If you make a game [with the goal of telling] a story, I think it's wrong. Now, if you ask a big CEO that runs a company, he would say I'm stupid because companies are about making money. But I would still say no. For me, gaming is art."

Fares' studio Hazelight released It Takes Two earlier this year, and recently revealed that he isn't ruling out a sequel. Something that seems to be ruled out though is NFT's.

It Takes Two

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