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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6's Lost Between Worlds expansion is launching next week

It'll see Dani Rojas trapped in an alien simulation.

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Far Cry 6 can sometimes be a far cry from reality. We've seen that with the Blood Dragon expansion for Far Cry 3 and in various other DLCs since. Now Far Cry 6 is looking to get in on that action with the Lost Between Worlds expansion, which will be coming to Ubisoft's open-world game and will be seeing protagonist Dani Rojas getting trapped in an alien simulation.

The point of the expansion will be for Dani to help the alien FAL repair its ship, which crash landed in Yara. Doing so will require Dani to visit twisted locations based on Yara itself, each of which house one of five crystals that are necessary for the repair process.

Similar to the villain DLCs that came before it, Lost Between Worlds will have roguelike elements where Dani will need to venture into each location a few different times to constantly become stronger in an effort of completing the task at hand. There will also be a new colour-matching ammo mechanic, which tasks the player with using either red or blue ammo to deal with either red or blue enemies.

Lost Between Worlds will debut on December 6, and will be available as either a standalone purchase or as part of the upgraded Expansion Pass or bundled in as part of the Game of the Year edition of Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6

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