Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 draws criticism for religious angle

Alt-right nationalists are among those targetting the game.

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Way ahead of its release, expected on February 27 2018, Far Cry 5 is already at the center of a controversy, as US alt-right nationalist Paul Ray Ramsey has expressed his dissatisfaction with the game on Twitter, denouncing what he regularly calls anti-white racism. "Guess who are the villains in the new Far Cry game? Muslim terrorists who explode nail bombs? ISIS who burn people alive? Nope. Christians," he wrote on its Twitter account.

The game's first images and story elements reveal a connection with an obscurantist movement related to Christianity, as shown by the artwork clearly inspired by The Last Supper (painted by Leonardo da Vinci representing the last meal of Jesus Christ with his 12 apostles).

Contacted by the French news site L'Express, Emmanuel Carré, spokesman for Ubisoft, believes that these reactions aren't really surprising. Games "are more and more realistic, so it is normal that they affect more people," he assures, comparing script writing for films and video games.

What's more is that a petition has also been launched on Change.org with similar criticisms, saying that whites are being exclusively targetted in this game, when it would be more realistic to incorporate "Islam [...] on the rise in America, as is the violence of inner city gangs." The petition also claims that the game is purposely anti-American to appeal to those in Europe. It's worth mentioning, though, that this petition may well me a trolling attempt, as evident by the line saying that gamers suffer "continued rejection of romantic partners when they find out our hobby."

Regardless, do you think these criticisms of Far Cry 5 are reasonable?

Far Cry 5

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