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Fantastic Four's latest director has been named

WandaVision's director is taking control of the project.

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It really does feel like the Fantastic Four movie has been in production for ages. We've seen various stories talking about directors taking on the project and then parting ways with it for one reason or another, but hopefully this latest announcement signifies the end to this rollercoaster of emotions.

And this is because as part of the D23 Expo, the movie's latest director has been named, and this very individual will be Matt Shakman, previously known for his work directing WandaVision.

As revealed in a blog post by Marvel, this is all the new information about the project that the production company was interested in sharing, as we already knew that Fantastic Four will not be opening in cinemas until November 8, 2024. In terms of who will be portraying "Marvel's First Family", that has yet to be determined as well.

Fantastic Four's latest director has been named

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