Star Trek Online

Fans gather in Star Trek Online to honour Leonard Nimoy

Players assembled in Vulcan to pay their respects to Star Trek actor.

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Star Trek Online players have gathered around a fountain on Vulcan to mark the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy, who most famously played Spock in the enduring sci-fi universe.

According to one attendee who posted on reddit, there were at least 20 full instances and several more partial, meaning around 1000 players had joined in what ended up being a fitting tribute.

Meanwhile, over on the STO Forums, lead producer Stephen Ricossa confirmed that the developers were planning a more permanent tribute, when on March 5 an in-game memorial will be added to the game.

Over the years Nimoy had an ongoing working relationship with video games; he did VO work for Star Trek Online, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Seaman, and Civilization IV.

Star Trek Online

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