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Red Dead Online

Fans are hosting a funeral for Red Dead Online

It'll be held next week, to mark the one-year anniversary since the Blood Money update.

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There's no hiding the fact that fans are disappointed by the way that Red Dead Online has been supported as of late, and in fact, a lot of fans have decided to dub the game as being dead due to its poor support from Rockstar. And to this end, the community will be hosting a funeral service for Red Dead Online next week, on July 13 to be exact, the very date that marks the one-year anniversary of the Blood Money update, which a lot of players deem as the last time the game received any meaningful new content additions.

The fan account Red Dead News is the one that is organising the funeral, and as mentioned in a tweet, attendees are encouraged to show up to the digital event wearing their "best funeral attire".

It should be noted that Red Dead Online is actually not dead, as Rockstar has yet to cut support for the game. But, that doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of grievances among fans, who are disappointed with the title and the support it has received, particularly over the past 12 months.

Will you be attending the funeral?

Red Dead Online

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