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Fan-made Halo project Installation 01 gets cinematic trailer

It's looking pretty good so far.

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Installation 01, a fan-made Halo game, has revealed a cinematic multiplayer trailer to get fans excited for the project, and this trailer shows a battle between red and blue Spartans on the game's map Obelisk.

Halo fans will immediately recognise the weapons and armour in the trailer, as well as the Elites, and the trailer was created by animator Matthew Lake as part of a showcase of his talents.

"Matthew Lake needed to animate something amazing for his final academic assignment, and the Installation 01 team wanted to release something that would show how excited we are for our game. It was animated entirely by Matt, with many others helping out," Isaac Wilber, 3D Art Lead said. "I hope everyone enjoys this fantastic work created by Matt, and I hope that they get as excited as we are about Installation 01."

You can watch the trailer here. Do you think this can be a hit with Halo fans?

Fan-made Halo project Installation 01 gets cinematic trailer

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