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Fanatec teases own racing seat, announces new PS4 wheel

The new wheelbase will be compatible for existing peripherals and PC.

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Fanatec provided the recent Assetto Corsa X Porsche event held at Vallelunga circuit with some fancy Clubsport racing builds (including a Porsche replica ring) for the best recreation of the real thing possible, and in this interview we learned more on that model and the new CSL line, the hot topic of the PS4 compatibility, and the currently secret plans at Fanatec for both play seats and VR:


Racing and high-end gadgets lover Thomas Jackermeier talks us through all things Fanatec, but there are three main talking points of interest for all sim racing enthusiasts. In order of appearance:

• First off: Explanation on how the stellar Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2 + Clubsport Pedals V3 + Clubsport GT Wheel technology works. (More on how pedals work at 6:37 onwards).

• (3:18 onwards) Fanatec - PS4 support issue discussed. "Our non-official products will not be compatible to PlayStation 4 anymore [that is all Fanatec wheels released so far], that's the bad news. The good news is we signed an agreement with Sony last week [late November] developing a new racing wheel for the PS4 (...) existing users can probably use most of the peripherals (like shifters, pedals, steering wheels) with this wheel as well. (...) I cannot share too many details yet, but we're looking forward to launch this product before Gran Turismo Sport in 2017. (...) It's definitely going to be PC as well. I would love to tell you more!"

• (8:10 onwards) On Fanatec plans for playseats and VR. "We want to follow the same policy: making ultra high-end affordable (...) I fully agree that motion simulators add a lot to the experience. (...) So yeah, we're looking. Deeply. Into this. Subject. (Laughs). Actually already a little bit more and trying to make a good motion simulator also affordable, I think that would be a very important part of our portfolio. And I love seatbelts, I love all of that, but no details yet". "(...) We're highly interested in VR, and there will be at least one product with regards to Virtual Reality from us".

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