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Gran Turismo 7

Fanatec has revealed its official Gran Turismo Direct Drive wheel

It'll be available for pre-order tomorrow and will retail for €700.

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Fanatec has revealed its official Gran Turismo Direct Drive steering wheel and pedals, designed with the PlayStation 5 in mind. The gear marks the first licensed Direct Drive wheel for the PS5, and is known as the official wheel of the Gran Turismo series.

Set to go up for pre-order tomorrow, November 26, the base package will include the steering wheel, the wheel base, a table clamp, the pedals, and a power supply. The device, despite being made with the PS5 (and Gran Turismo 7) in mind, is also fully compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC, and the wheel base itself is also compatible with the entire Fanatec ecosystem of products.

As for how much the Gran Turismo DD wheel will cost when it launches, the base package will retail for €699.95, with various other versions also being available to pre-order up to a price of €969.85. The pricier bundles will include extra goodies, such as a Boost Kit or more advanced pedals.

Despite pre-orders opening tomorrow, the wheel will officially launch and ship in March 2022, with those who pay for the express shipping bundle (€849.95) getting units as soon as Christmas.

Gran Turismo 7
Gran Turismo 7Gran Turismo 7
Gran Turismo 7Gran Turismo 7

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