Famed composer Nobuo Uematsu might have recorded his final full soundtrack

Known for his work on Final Fantasy, the veteran composer is reducing his workload due to health issues.

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Often regarded as the Beethoven of game music, Nobuo Uematsu might have recorded his final full soundtrack. The information comes after Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi suggested that their next game, the Apple Arcade exclusive Fantasian could be Uematsu's final full soundtrack.

In an interview with Mobile Syrup, Sakaguchi said, "I think he kind of hinted that Fantasian is maybe the last game that he does from end to end in terms of scoring an entire soundtrack." The Final Fantasy creator did note that Uematsu will likely still contribute individual scores to games in the future, but this does seem to be the last complete project, as Sakaguchi mentioned Fantasian "might be his last record."

Considering Fantasian does feature a soundtrack that is 60-pieces in size, it's not like we're getting a small project coming out of the veteran composer in the upcoming works. The game itself is set to be released on Apple Arcade, but right now its release date remains as coming soon.


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