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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter updates with more quests and Nuka-World content

Bethesda keeps updating the vault management simulation.

Not long ago Fallout Shelter was updated (1.6) to include quests that you could send you dwellers on, exploring various structures, collect loot and picking up brief story bits. At the same time the game also launched on PC, in addition to previously being available on Android and iOS.

Now Bethesda have released a new update (1.7), and it adds more variation to missions (daily quests, and weekly) as well as the first "special event" themed around the Nuka-World expansion for Fallout 4 (you'll need to go out and search for Bottle and Cappy). The new update also adds a range of new objectives for Overseers.

As always Fallout Shelter is a free download, either via AppStore or Google Play or via the Bethesda Net Launcher.

Fallout Shelter

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