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Fallout 76

Fallout fan acquires Fallout First domain to criticise the service

The controversial Fallout 76 subscription service Fallout 1st was announced and went live just recently, but the Fallout First website domain has been acquired by an angry fan.

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Just recently, we reported on the fact that the Fallout game that managed to divide an entire franchise's fan base, Fallout 76, had a subscription service model added. This subscription model, called Fallout 1st, racked up quite the controversy with many arguing that the price was outrageous for the amount of content received while others taking to internet forums and social media to criticise the issues with the service.

With many fans being upset with the subscription service, one fan managed to acquire the domain and is now using the site to criticise Bethesda. While the wording on the site is brutal, the criticism seems warranted.

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Fallout 76

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