Fallout 76

Fallout 76's Inventory Update is now live

Players can now store 50% more junk within the wasteland.

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Fallout 76's first big update of the year is out now for free and it includes several quality of life features that fans have long requested.

The Inventory Update's biggest change is that it increases the limit of the plater Stash to 1,200 pounds. This represents an increase of 50% and it allows players to safely store away even more junk such as gear and craftable items. This is something that fans have wanted for a while and we can see it being a huge help when it comes to base building.

Also included within the update is several tweaks to the Pip Boy. Three new tabs have been added for Armour, New, and Food/Drink and these make it simpler to filter through what is in your inventory. Perhaps the most useful sounding one here is the New tab, as this lists all items you have obtained in order of when you picked them up.

To find out more on what's coming to Fallout 76 in 2021, check our interview with Project Lead Jeff Gardiner and Senior Quest Designer Brianna Schneider here.

Fallout 76

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