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Fallout 76 Wastelanders expansion delayed

Changes to office life have meant a short day delay for the upcoming release of NPCs into the world of Fallout 76.

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Bethesda has today (March 26, 2020) announced that the free expansion coming to Fallout 76 will no longer be releasing on April 7 as originally planned. The expansion, which is set to bring some big, exciting changes to the way the game is played, is now due to release on April 14.

The announcement was posted on Twitter and the official website. Therein the publisher claimed that due to the transition to working remotely and limiting person-to-person interactions has: "affected our ability to do the final testing we need for Wastelanders."

They go on to express how they have done everything within their power to minimise the delay and they can't wait for everyone to play the expansion.

Wastelanders is set to bring in one element that fans felt was missing when the game first launched. The biggest critique that Fallout 76 received was how empty the game felt, and that not having NPCs made the game feel a little soulless. When going on quests you can find recordings placed around the map instead of other people, but that removes that added level of interaction that Fallout games have done so well in earlier games.

At long last, this request is being answered, and NPCs will finally enter the world of Fallout 76. As part of the introduction of NPCs, Wastelanders will introduce a brand new main questline, as well as new characters who you can romance.

The delay to the DLC makes complete sense in the current scheme of things and it is promising to see that it is only a short wait, and fans can look forward to taking on the wasteland with new computer-controlled companions on April 14.

Fallout 76

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