Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Season 1 is off to a slow start

The new progression system and a new ammo convertor have got players grinding.

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Bethesda Game Studios launched Fallout 76 back in November 2018. Since then, the game has had a number of problems. Later updates have fixed some of them, although a few new ones have been introduced in the process. A free Wastlanders update added long-awaited NPC characters to the game, and you can read our review right here for more on that.

Season 1 also adds seasonal progession via a free battle pass that is filled with unlocks for players to work towards. The problem seems to be that some players are unable to play through the battle pass content, even if they've done all that is required to progress.

Season 1 is built around an in-game board game called Legendary Run, and it has 100 levels and new rewards that granted when achieving each new rank. While doing daily and weekly challenges, players are rewarded with SCORE points. This is a new form of experience for this format, and you can also earn SCORE by levelling up and completing public events. Unfortunately, according to reports, these public events are not currently rewarding some people with SCORE points, and that likely means a lot of grinding for those interested in hitting the highest ranks.

The other big problem is the ammo converter. The idea is that players can convert their stock of unused ammo into something useful. The problem? You may only convert very small amounts of ammo at a time, and each conversion requires multiple clicks at a terminal. The result is a huge amount of time wasted just on clicking through the menus. After all, some players have almost two years' worth of stock to shift.

The good news is that Update 20 included an option for people to effortlessly join other players and form parties, and then enjoy working as a team while taking down legendary bosses. So it's not all bad.

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Fallout 76

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