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Fallout 76

Fallout 76 - One Month After The Vault Doors Opened

Bethesda's latest online RPG has been a talking point, often for all the wrong reasons, but where does it stand a month after release?

The Updates

So we've seen what Bethesda has been criticised for, and the response was drastic. On release day alone we got a mammoth patch (weighing in at 47 GB on PS4, for example) that stirred people up even further, but on the other hand it did work to improve the game. In the patch notes we could see that a lot was being done, the most reassuring thing was stability and performance concerns being addressed. That said, there's still an extensive list there including a load of bugs that had been fixed, from quest objectives to item repairs and everything in between.

Fallout 76Fallout 76

So by the time November ended the heat was far from dying down, but Bethesda had managed to get a huge update out the door. Next up was December 4, when we got another update taking the game down for just under five hours (winding people up a bit more). Once again we got a lot of fixes and stability improvements, and this time it only came in at 3 GB on consoles. What's perhaps more interesting though is that we also got new content too based on player feedback, one of which increased the stash capacity by 50% to 600 pounds. Some of these features were added two days later than intended, but new features based on player feedback was a step in the right direction.

The week after that we got news that Bethesda had decided to change the game's update schedule, meaning the update on December 18 for PC would land two days later for console players, but that wasn't all that was newsworthy that week. On December 11 we also got another update that worked on performance and stability, with even more additions based on player feedback.

Camp construction was a big focus, as small obstructions could now be removed once you played an item on it, like small rocks and bushes, and if you entered a server and your Camp was meant to be at a place which already had another player's on it, you'd be notified and either allowed to stay without it or move to a different server where the space was available. The update also let players over level 51 reassign a SPECIAL point each time they levelled up (in place of unlocking a new Perk Card), allowed push-to-talk hotkeys for voice chat on PC, added field of view and depth of field settings on PC, and included 21:9 resolution support for PC too, all of which is aimed at player convenience (although 21:9 widescreen had its own issues, as pointed out on Reddit).

Just this past week we've also received the latest hotfix, this being more minor than the patches before. Korean language support was added with this, as well as fixes for a few more bugs like crashes and exploits fixed as well, and we can expect many more small tweaks heading into the future, as things are consistently ironed out and addressed.

Fallout 76