Fallout 76

Fallout 76 had over a million Vault Dwellers online in a single day

People really love the radioactive, lethal and barren wasteland.

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Ever since Amazon Prime's Fallout series premiered, we've been reporting on increasing interest in the Fallout games, but the sources have been isolated markets or specifically Steam. Now Bethesda themselves give us an indication of how hugely popular the games have become after the success of the TV series.

Via X, it is announced that over a million Vault Dwellers visited the Appalachian Mountains in Fallout 76 in a single day, and then followed this up with the announcement that with all Fallout games included, they reached almost five million players in the same time frame.

Ultimately, it seems like Fallout is currently hotter than ever, and we suspect the numbers will continue to climb for a while longer.

Fallout 76

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