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Fallout 76

Fallout 76 gets controversial Fallout 1st subscription

This premium service includes many fan-requested features, except it's a monthly fee that the community hasn't responded well to.

Update 14 has just landed for Fallout 76, and while there are a lot of features to talk about with this patch, one has stood out among the rest - the inclusion of a subscription service called Fallout 1st.

This is described as a "premium membership aimed at enhancing the Fallout 76 experience", with more details available right here. As for the cost, it's £12 a month ($13 USD), or £100 for the year ($100), giving you bonuses as well as 1,650 Atoms each month to use in-game.

Included in the subscription is Private Worlds, exclusively available to members, letting you play alone or with seven of your friends. Only the owner of the world is required to be a member though.

Then there's also Scrapbox, a separate container unlocking unlimited storage for components aside from your Stash, as well as a Survival Tent, acting as a second free fast travel location aside from your Camp, including a Stash, Scrapbox, and more.

Many in the community haven't taken kindly to the reveal of this subscription service, especially given the game's previous history of controversies and the fact that it's a paid title. Many are especially frustrated that the iconic Ranger Armour Outfit from Fallout: New Vegas is exclusive to Fallout 1st members as well.

For more on the update head this way. What do you make of this reveal?

Fallout 76
Fallout 76Fallout 76
Fallout 76

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