Fallout 76

Fallout 76 broke its own record for most concurrent players ever

The Fallout series on Amazon Prime has apparently made huge amounts of gamers want to try out life as a Vault Dweller in Appalachia.

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Late Friday, Gamereactor reported that the Fallout games got a big boost on Steam after the almost unanimously acclaimed Amazon Prime series premiered.

By then, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 had reached more concurrent players than they had in years and also climbed the lists of the platform's most played titles. Impressive, but it gets better. Late Sunday night, a milestone (via SteamDB) few would have predicted was passed, as Fallout 76 reached its highest number of concurrent players ever with 39,455 Vault Dwellers roaming Appalachia.

Certainly not bad for a game that was released almost six years ago, and which was so badly criticised that it was hard to see it ever recovering. However, after hard work from Bethesda and lots of new content, it's apparently very much appreciated and a completely different game than when it was first launched.

Veteran analyst Mat Piscatella from NPD (which measures US game sales) also reveals on X that it's not just on Steam it's doing well, because just before the weekend, Fallout 76 was enjoyed by more Xbox players than it has been since 2022, and as in the case of Steam, it can be suspected that it continued to grow on both Saturday and Sunday, although there is no data verifying this yet.

Fallout 76

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