Fallout 76

Fallout 76 beta is the entire game, any progress will carry over

But you won't be able to get it from Steam.

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Bethesda has been very secretive about the beta for Fallout 76, but they've decided to give us a small peek behind the curtain before QuakeCon starts this weekend by updating the beta's FAQ ahead of its planned release in October.

Some of the more noteworthy information it includes is that the beta will require us to download the entire game if everything goes according to plan. Some of you might not love the idea of downloading what we expect will be a fairly large file, but one of the reasons behind this decision is that the developers want us to keep our progress from the beta for the final game when it launches on November 14.

It's also worth noting that the beta nor the full release will be available on Steam at launch, just Bethesda.net, and that's a decision that will likely split opinion among players.

We know a couple of things, such as the fact that Xbox One players will get the beta first, but what kind of restrictions do you think the Fallout 76 beta will have beyond that?

Fallout 76

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