Fallout 4

Fallout 4's next-gen updates makes it prettier and better on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series later this month

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can also look forward to improvements.

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Bethesda surprised no one when they suddenly announced that Fallout 4's "next-gen" upgrade and PS5/Xbox Series versions were delayed to 2024 in the middle of last December. This led me to believe they wanted to have these things ready for the premiere of Amazon's amazing Fallout show. It seems like that was the plan, but that they just needed a bit more time.

We're told that Fallout 4's free next-gen update will become available on the 25th of April, and that this obviously also means PS5 and Xbox Series versions will launch the same day. These versions of the game will let us choose between a Performance mode with 60 fps and a Quality mode with increased resolution, while offering improved stability improvements and other unspecified fixes.

Not that those still enjoying themselves on PS4 or Xbox One have to feel left out, as the last-gen versions will also get a free update on the 25th of April that delivers stability improvements, login and quest fixes.

All updates will also include a bunch of free Creation Club items, so I think it's safe to say Fallout 4's increased popularity leading up to the show was just be beginning.

Will you be returning to or finally purchase Fallout 4 now?

Fallout 4

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