Fallout 4

Fallout 4's big London mod has been delayed indefinitely

All because the coming next-gen update will break much of what has already been built.

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If you have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dive into the Fallout London mod for Fallout 4, a mod that has been in development for years, is described as a full game size experience, and was planned to debut on April 23 this year, you will unfortunately have to wait longer than expected.

In an update video, project lead Dean Carter has stated that Fallout London has been delayed indefinitely all due to the coming arrival of the "next-gen" update for Fallout 4 making its debut on April 25.

The delay is coming as the update will likely break many of the systems that have been put in place by the team, despite the London mod being claimed to be "set to go" ever since the last update was shared.

Carter states, "Systems based on F4 SE, which for those unaware is the framework behind basically all of the dialogue systems in Fallout London and many of the other mods out there - that will break."

It's unclear when Fallout London will now debut, but considering it's claimed to be around 30 to 40 GBs in size, we might have to wait quite a while to check this one out now. Fortunately, it will still likely be here years before Fallout 5 ever makes its debut.

Fallout 4

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