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Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update for PC, PS5 and X-Series now available and we've got all the details

Time to return to the Commonwealth, Sole Survivor of Vault 111.

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Ideally it would have been released on April 11th alongside the Prime Video premiere of the Fallout series, but the free Fallout 4 update to the native PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions is now here (and as a PC patch too). These next-gen versions include not only a graphical facelift and improved performance on current hardware, but also new content.

Perhaps most notably for those of us who've kicked around the Commonwealth in the past as the Sole Survivor of Shelter 111, we'll have a new side mission called Echoes of the Past, in which we'll have to stop the Enclave from setting up shop in the vicinity of Boston.

The Enclave (the organisation formed by the descendants of high ranking post-war US government officials) is one of the most sinister and obscure organisations in the Wasteland, and their presence could mean a breakdown in the balance of power between the Institute, the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel in the region. Their weapons and Servo Armour are far superior to those of the rival factions... which is why we'll be happy to loot them from their corpses. The patch adds the following items to the game:

  • Enclave weapon skins

  • Enclave armour skins

  • Tesla Weapon

  • Hellfire Power Armour

  • X-02 Power Armour

  • Heavy Incinerator

Fallout 4 settlement builders will also love the new Halloween Workshop, which includes blueprints for building 38 new horror-themed decorations. Plus an Improvised Weapons Pack.

All new versions released today will run at 60fps, and if you're also playing on PC via Steam, you'll also be pleased to know that the game is now Steam Deck verified.

Ready to return to the Wasteland and the Commonwealth in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4

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