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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 gets Game of the Year Edition in September

It's been two years since it launched, but hey: War never changes.

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Publishers love releasing so-called "Game of the Year" editions of their games, even when they didn't win an award, and these are usually released a year, if not sooner, after release. Bethesda has chosen differently, however, as they've announced that Fallout 4 will get its Game of the Year Edition close to two years after its initial release, specifically September 26.

This will obviously come with everything that has made its way to the game since then, including the six expansions, Survival Mode, mod support on both PC and consoles, and more. Those of you live in North America will even get another chance to buy the Pip-Boy Collector's Edition on the same day.

How do you feel about the game now that you've had time to reflect?

Fallout 4

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