Falling Skies The Game

Falling Skies - from TV to videogame

Bandai Namco announces spinoff.

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The television series Falling Skies has built a solid fan-base over the last couple of years. The story of Tom Mason and 2nd Mass, and their fight against an alien invasion, has gone from a sloppy B-production to something that, in our opinion, is actually enjoyable to watch.

This has obviously been noticed by people other than us, and now Bandai Namco has announced Falling Skies The Game. Developed by Little Orbit, it's said to be an action RPG with tactical elements. Here's Bandai Namco's official press release:

"Survival of the human race is at stake. Players will dive into a world gone wrong and command a squad of recently-rescued survivors who have been recruited into the human resistance fighting to save the planet. The team will engage in covert tactical operations against the Espheni fighting to survive against alien invaders while also rescuing and recruiting survivors to the join the 2nd Mass. With addictive strategy-based gameplay, players will be immersed into the unique story line with all their favorite heroes from the show."

After taking a look at the first screenshots from Falling Skies The Game, we get the feeling that the game might start out like the TV series - like a sloppy B-production.

Falling Skies The Game
Falling Skies The GameFalling Skies The Game
Falling Skies The GameFalling Skies The Game

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