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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys Season 4.5 is out today

It's bringing two new rounds and a whole bunch of new features and bug fixes.

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Mediatonic has announced that the Season 4.5 update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will actually be arriving today, bringing two new rounds, further crossplay implementation between PC and PS4, and a whole list of bug fixes.

Taking centre stage are the two new rounds, The Slimescraper, which is regarded as "a sequel to Slime Climb" by Mediatonic, and the Button Bashers, a new activity where beans are split into 1v1 pairs to duel, with the best bean progressing to the next round.

Also coming are 55 new variations of 12 existing rounds, as well as Custom Lobbies that are now open to everyone, for beans to play with one another without needing to queue into an actual game - this is even available for PC and PS4 platforms together. Likewise, further crossplay has been implemented so that PC and PS4 players can matchmake against one another, although PC/PS4 lobbies are still not quite possible yet.

Then on top of this, there's a whole range of bug fixes and quality of life features, such as a new reporting feature to help combat cheaters. You can take a look at the full list of fixes and new features in a Twitter thread over here.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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