Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Season 4 starts today with plenty of new content

New creative tools and a shorter season pass headline the additions.

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Are you ready for more challenges in Fall Guys? Today marks the release of Season 4: Creative Construction, which isn't only about a new theme and funny hats to unlock. As the name implies, we can now create our own rounds for our Beans to compete in, and it's pretty thorough tools that includes both obstacles and overall themes, as well as sharing possibilities.

There's also a new type of cheaper Season Pass introduced, called a Fame Pass. The idea is to run them during a shorter period of time, and this is what we can expect this time:

"Fame Pass 1 has 6 iconic Costumes for you to earn as you play, plus bonus Costumes and cosmetics to unlock after you complete the main levels of the Fame Pass! But we wouldn't call it a Fame Pass if we didn't have a special guest...

All cosmetics in Season 4's Fame Pass 1, including the Hello Kitty Costume, will be available to unlock from 10AM UTC May 10th, 2023 and will run for 6 weeks."

Check out the Fame Pass trailer below. Will you check out Season 4: Creative Construction?

Fall Guys
Fall Guys

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