Fall Guys

Fall Guys going free-to-play helped push the Epic Games Store to record active users

And that's across the entirety of the storefront.

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Recently, we reported on the news that in its first 48 hours as a free-to-play game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout managed to draw in a massive 20 million players. Well, it turns out that success wasn't just great for Mediatonic, but also for the places where Fall Guys debuted for the first time.

Because Epic Games has revealed that in the wake of the game going free-to-play and drawing in these huge crowds, the Epic Games Store has set a new record for its number of active players.

"A huge week for @FallGuysGame with more than 2x their previous PC CCU record, contributing to a record number of active players for the store last Tuesday," said Epic in a tweet.

To be clear, this statistic refers to the cumulative active players across the entirety of the Epic Games Store, but as has been clarified by PC Gamer, Fall Guys "'strongly' contributed to that total."

Fall Guys

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