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      Fall Guys

      Fall Guys gamers can claim a free Coconut Milk costume

      Game Pass Ultimate owners are getting a fashionable perk.

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      The main reasons why people get Game Pass is usually a wide selection of great and new games at a very affordable price, and also Xbox Cloud Gaming that makes gaming possible on most things that have a decent web browser (like playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on an old laptop, a smartphone or similar).

      But there is also another perk called specifically just that: Perks. This is included with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription and are basically various things you can claim for your games, and right now, there's a pretty cool thing you should get. If you play Mediatonic's major hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which was recently made free-to-play and added for Switch and Xbox, you will probably be glad to here that there a free costume for you waiting to be claimed.

      It is called Coconut Milk Costume and you can check it out below. Just head over to the Perks menu in the Xbox dashboard to get it before the end of the month. To read more about the perks this month, head over to Xbox Wire.

      How often are you claiming Game Pass Ultimate Perks?

      Fall Guys

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