Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail won't launch until the end of July

Fans will have to wait a month longer for the game to land on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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Unfortunately, developer Gust has had to put off the launch of Fairy Tail once again this week because their JRPG has been postponed for a month.

Until recently, the game was scheduled to land at the end of June, however, the new release date that was just shared with us is July 30.

Publisher Koei Tecmo blames the coronavirus for this delay since the current situation has thwarted the developer's internal plans. The team is currently working on ironing out the last kinks, so the game shouldn't be delayed again (we hope).

Of course, fans of Fairy Tail would obviously be happier to be able to play this adaptation of the famous manga sooner, but such decisions are unfortunately unavoidable in our current situation.

Fairy TailFairy Tail

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