Fae Farm

Fae Farm creator Phoenix Labs making layoffs and cancelling in-development projects

The focus will now be on Dauntless and Fae Farm going forward.

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The layoff wave continues. Phoenix Labs, the developer known for creating Dauntless and Fae Farm, is letting go of what's reported to be around 100 staff members, while also cancelling development on many of its in-production works to instead focus solely on the "best-in-class live service titles" that it offers (Fae Farm and Dauntless).

This was confirmed in a statement on LinkedIn, where the developer noted "This restructure has not come easily, and truly has been the last resort to ensure Phoenix Labs can survive, and thrive in the long term. It's impossible to put into words how deeply we value every talented individual who has contributed their hard work and passion to every project at our studio."

As PC Gamer has noticed, some of the developers at Phoenix Labs have shared a deeper insight into this situation, including principal engineer Kris Morness, who said that blockchain company Forte who acquired Phoenix Labs back in 2023 "just cancelled all projects in development including the game we were announcing in one month."

This has been echoed by other developers who have also stated that the developer was set to announce a game it has been working on for years next month, no doubt at one of the big events planned for June.

Fae Farm

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