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Quake Champions

Faceit lauching Quake Pro League this year

This will run between QuakeCon this year and next year, featuring 20 of the best players and several offline events.

When looking at the history of esports and competitive gaming, Quake is one of the names that pops up, as this franchise has been played by gamers for decades, and now Faceit is hosting the first official Quake Pro League between QuakeCon 2019 and QuakeCon 2020.

Faceit has hosted plenty of tournaments in the past, like the Faceit CS:GO Major in London last September, and the first league games are due to kick off in August. This will take place at the Faceit Studio in London and sees 20 pre-selected players face off in a linear tournament, building upon Faceit's existing relationship with Quake via Sunday Cups.

The league will comprise of 10 players from North and South America, with a further 10 from EU and CIS regions, and QuakeCon 2019 decides global rankings for places in the competition. A new competitive mode called Timelimit Duel is also being made for the league, and once things kick off there will be weekly broadcasts every Sunday, as well as Minor and Major events in November of this year and February and May next year.

Weekly online competitions will also be hosted at the same time, open to everyone, with all four regions above able to compete. The top four highest-ranked Challengers in a stage will also book a place at the offline events, meaning they'll get guaranteed prizing and a chance to unseat lowest-ranked Quake Pros, taking their Pro League spot.

"Quake is part of the bedrock of Faceit. All Founders of the company were heavily involved in the Quake III competitive scene, and it's the title that first ignited our passion for esports," said Michele Attisani, Co-Founder & CBO of Faceit. "Competitive Quake birthed one of the very first online esports communities, and we're thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking new league and to help shape the future of this iconic esport. We have huge plans for the broadcast from our innovative studio in London and we can't wait to bring fans around the world a whole year of exhilarating Quake competition."

Are you glad to see more of a commitment to Quake esports?

Quake Champions

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